Hiral A. Shah, MD


Find out our motivation behind the CutTING Cancer Golf Outing & learn about how cancer affects everyone involved.

My Story

As a cancer doctor, I often get asked, “How do you not find your job depressing, delivering bad news on a daily basis?” Most people still hold a mostly outdated (but understandable) view of cancer diagnosis and treatment, but what I see happening with my patients and with cancer research gives me hope and meaning for my profession.

With better cancer screening, we are diagnosing cancers earlier so more patients can be cured. Guided by better understanding of cancer biology, novel therapies are making durable remission a reality even for patients diagnosed with advanced stage malignancies. I certainly recognize that not every cancer patient will have a multitude of therapy options to choose from; however with progress in basic science and clinical research, we may be able to offer meaningful survival to a larger percentage of patients over time.

As a practicing hematologist-oncologist, I see the transformative power of scientific research impacting so many lives on a daily basis. Supporting cancer research now is imperative because it may be a lifeline for someone you know with cancer. Thanks.

Hiral A. Shah 

Hiral A. Shah, MD